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Our impact map shows you how the biopharmaceutical industry positively impacts our economy, the development of medicine and more importantly, patients. But numbers and percentages are only a small part of this story. Meet some of the individuals who play a vital role in this industry.

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Meet Michelle

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Michelle Orive is an organ transplant recipient. Initially, the transplant saved her life, but the medicines she now takes daily, keep her alive. Thanks to the work and dedication of many individuals in the industry who create that medicine, she is able to work, be a parent and live a quality life. Meet Michelle and her family.

Meet Dr. Pissani

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Dr. Franco Pissani is currently a scientist at Immunomic Therapeutics in Rockville, MD. Every day, he works in a lab to develop new medicines and treatments for American patients. Thanks to scientists like Dr. Pissani, the U.S. has successfully improved the quality and length of life for Americans confronting the most costly and challenging diseases. Learn about Dr. Pissani's day-to-day work in the lab.

Meet Scott

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Scott Rizzi is an engineer at Schaefer Technologies, a machine manufacturing company located in Indianapolis, IN. He and his colleagues are responsible for designing and building machines that serve the biopharmaceutical industry. Meet Scott and learn how he and Schaefer Technologies work for health.

Meet Mayor Pannullo

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Joseph Pannullo is the Mayor of the Township of East Hanover in New Jersey. The biopharmaceutical industry makes a huge impact in small communities similar to East Hanover. It creates jobs and opportunities for individuals within the state of New Jersey and across the U.S. Learn how the industry has affected Mayor Pannullo and the people living within his community.


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